Quickbooks - Introduction

Next start: Saturdays
Program language - Spanish
Available Hours:
Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Program duration: 4 weeks

  • Do you want to know how to open a company in Quickbooks?

  • Handle all stages of Quickbooks

  • Learn how to use Quickbooks in your Desktop

Program Description

QuickBooks es un paquete de software de contabilidad desarrollado y comercializado por Intuit. Los productos QuickBooks están dirigidos principalmente a pequeñas y medianas empresas y ofrecen aplicaciones de contabilidad locales, así como versiones basadas en la nube que aceptan pagos comerciales, administran y pagan facturas, y funciones de nómina.

4 modules*:

1) Quickbooks Introduction


Learn about Quickbooks on desktop and work on exercises that will help in understanding the Quickbooks ecosystem

2) How to open a Company in Quickbooks


Learn to create vendors, select the company's industry, open an existing company, create customers, enter invoices, expenses, purchase orders, install corporation type, establish a bank account for the company.

3) Bank account statements and reconciliations


Learn how to create a profit and loss report


4) Introduction to payroll activities

a. Learn how to withhold taxes from employees such as: federal tax withholdings, social security, medicare, unemployment and state tax withholding. In addition, withholding retirement plans, medical insurance and contributions.
b. Learn how to deduct payroll taxes such as social security, medicare, Federal Unemployment, state unemployment and employee compensation.
c. Learn how to create a payroll account
d. Create a new employee and create and print a pay stub
F. Payment of employee salary



a. Balance General  (Balance Sheet) - ganancias y pérdidas

b. Reconciliaciones de Cuenta Bancaria



a. Balance Sheet - gains and losses
b. Bank Account Reconciliations

* note: these topics are only for exemplary purposes and may vary

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